Phrasal verbs

Choose the correct option

1. I am sorry, Patricia is not ____ at the moment. Can I take a message?

2. We've ____ sugar. Could you buy some more, please?

3. Your noisy neighbours are driving me crazy! How do you ____ their behaviour?

4. Can you ____ the time of the next bus to Glasgow, please?

5. The English test was extremely difficult. It took me ages to ____ the answers.

6. Our teacher asked us to ____ our task quietly.

7. George and Sally ____ last month after a big fight.

8. ____ the grass! Can't you see the sign?

9. Jane will ____ telling those lies until you tell her to stop.

10. Could you ____ my little sister tonight? I'd like to go out with my friends.

11. My friend has let me ____ . He didn't even call me on my birthday.

12. You can certainly ____ me. I will help you whenever you are in trouble.

13. ____! Things will get better.

14. Friends and family can help you to ____ a difficult time in your life.

15. I ____ my old car and need to buy a new one now.